Top 4 How to: Theme your Christmas Tree Part II

Top 4 “How to” Theme your Christmas Tree: Part II

Kathy and I are all about “Theming for a Lifestyle” to simplify and focus your Christmas decorating.

Just in case you missed this post Show Me Top 4 Reasons to Theme My Christmas Tree: Part I

We have 3 additional new themes to share with you from the Show Me Decorating by Vickerman Showrooms in Atlanta and Dallas. We hope you are inspired by one theme and create a new Christmas tree!

Gold, silver, bronze, copper, pewter and platinum melt into a noble metallic mix fit for a king. Add sparkle to your tree with luminous shades of metallic finishes. The shimmering gold and silver florals, brushed matte pewter balls melded with antique copper and rustic bronze finials offer an added dimension of elegance on the Show Me Decorating  Metal Mix Christmas Tree Theme.

Metal Mix Christmas tree theme, silver decorations, christmas decorations, metal mix Christmas decorations, Christmas tree

Metal Mix Christmas tree theme in shimmering metals

Christmas Sparkle Christmas tree theme takes traditional red and green, adds sparkle with accents of silver and touches of gold. Pop this tradition with a playful mix of black and white patterns, checks, chevron and polka dots. Rich red poinsettia with red roses and lime green glitter sprays adds a fresh touch. Lime green adds a punch of color to celebrate Christmas with a new twist on tradition.

CHristmas Sparkle Christmas tree theme, red velvet ribbon, red poinsettias, lime green, christmas decorations

Let your “Christmas Sparkle” with this new Christmas tree theme

The Peppermint Twist Christmas tree theme will make you as jolly as Old St. Nick! The traditional colors of red and white take a twist. Mix checks, dancing polka dots with red velvet, and candy ribbon for a crowd pleasing collection that’s as sweet as a peppermint.

Peppermint Twist Christmas tree theme, christmas decorations, peppermint decorations, christmas tree, christmas ribbon,

Peppermint Twist Christmas tree theme is so sweet!

We believe there are 4 steps to creating  your Christmas Theme or Color Story.

1. Select the room or location where you will place your largest Christmas decoration the Christmas Tree and decide on main ingredients or a color story that fits that room, home décor or favorite collection.

Theme ideas include Gingerbread for a kitchen or breakfast nook,  Western or Woodsy Lodge for den, man’s study or office. Dressy Red and Gold or Gold and Crystal for a dining room or entryway. Peacock inspired for a bedroom or living room. Your space and home décor colors will help determine. A favorite collection of ornaments or family heirlooms needs to be considered. The choices are only limited by your imagination and creativity!

christmas tree decorations, themed christmas tree, themed christmas, christmas tree ideas, christmas decor

Show Me Decorating Western Tree and Glitzy Glittery Gold Themed Trees

Show Me Decorating uses 3 key ingredients Ribbon, Balls, and Florals to enhance your theme or color story.

2. Choose your ribbon next. One or more ribbons can be combined to make your bows. Follow “How to Tie your bow” section on the Show Me Decorating app to complete your bows.

Christmas ribbon, tie a bow, bow app, tree trimming app, Christmas ribbon, animal print ribbon

Go wild with ribbon selection! Mix textures, prints and colors for the unexpected.

christmas ribbon, tie a bow, christmas tree theme

A pillow is inspiration for your color story, choose ribbon to compliment.

3. Select shatterproof balls in 3 sizes to add depth, background and balance to your color story or theme.

Matte Gold ball Kit, christmas balls, christmas decorations, shatterproof balls

Matte Gold ball Kit, Shatterproof balls, choose your base color and use a variety of sizes.


4. Add in your coordinating florals for added dimension and interest on your tree.

Peppermint Sequin ball spray, Christmas decoration,floral spray, Christmas decoration

Peppermint Sequin ball sprays in Red and white are a great addition to many Christmas tree themes.


Now your are set to mix in your favorite ornament collection and enjoy the Holiday’s decorated in style and you did it yourself!

Save time and money by choosing a theme or color story for your Christmas tree and Christmas decorating all through your home.

Follow our step by step videos and instructions on our Christmas tree decorating app, and share your creation or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!

Happy Decorating y’all,

Becky and Kathy









Down, Set, Ready….DECORATE for a Sport Party

Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Swimming, Golf, Baseball, Tennis, Diving, Softball, Wrestling…

So many sports and talented kids…..


Spotlight and Showcase each SPORT to show appreciation to Athletes, Coaches, and parents for the time and hard work!

Sport Decorations


Start with Trophies. I had friends and neighbors donate trophies for all sports

Trophy, Sport Decorations


Pop Off Name Plate

Pop Off Name Plate

Then spray paint with school colors.

Painted Trophies, Sport TrophiesFor Centerpieces, I used wrapping paper in black and white check as a table runner with red glittered scrap book paper. Pops of white and glitter help focus the table decoration.


Table Decorations

Table Runner Ingredients

Soda bottles as a base for jerseys and stuffed with newspaper to give the jerseys shape then added tissue paper as FLUFF!

Sport Table top

Steps to Fill Jerseys

The Coaches were kind enough to loan us the jerseys to use as decoration and gave us a chance to Showcase each sport on a table top! The stuffed jerseys also provided height to the table tops. ( The only items I purchased were wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, and spray paint.) The soda bottles were donated as were the trophies. We repurposed the WC flags from a previous year.

Football Tabletop

Football Jersey

Sport Table top decoration, Softball Decoration

Softball Table top

Golf Table Top Decoration

Golf Table Top Decoration

Baseball Tabletop Decoration

Baseball Tabletop Decoration

Sport dinner, Sport Decorations, Jersey Decorations, Trophies

Decorate for a Sports Dinner with Jerseys and Trophies

Down, Set, Ready, Decorate!

Thanks to my awesome team-Katy Thomas and Lanisa Cole for all of their help and for friends and neighbors that donated trophies.

Quick Idea-Have trophies lying around collecting dust but you hate to part with them-Pop off name plates and frame as a memento and hang on a wall or give to your favorite athlete.



Mom of 4 Boys and still collecting trophies

Show Me How 2: Celebrate a Family Easter

The Perfect Family Easter


I don’t know about you but when our family gets together we always have a big meal, especially when it’s to celebrate a special holiday like Easter! Here’s my delicious family celebration menu. Our traditional Easter lunch is centered around my famous brisket, a twice baked potato casserole, yummy green bean casserole and Sister Schubert’s Rolls (almost as good as mom’s). I don’t know what the Sister does, but her rolls are just so amazing!

Here’s my famous brisket recipe! The recipe is so simple, people don’t believe me when I share it with them, but take my word for it, it is!


This delicious brisket recipe is just like our Christmas decorating recipes; easy & quick and you can do it!

Spray pan with Pam before placing trimmed brisket, fat side up in the pan. I like to use disposable baking pans for easy cleanup!

Pour  1/4 cup of water and  1/2 bottle of liquid Smoke (my favorite Firago) over brisket, and sprinkle with Wyler’s Beef granules to coat the top. And that’s it! No need to add ANYTHING else, trust me!

Cover brisket with heavy duty aluminum foil (Reynolds) and seal tightly. Place in a pre-heated 250-300 degree oven on middle shelf. Cook for 8-9 hours, depending on your size of brisket.

After cooking, remove brisket from oven being careful not to slosh the liquid. Carefully open foil to release steam and heat, then allow brisket to rest, loosely covered.


Next, remove the top layer of fat and discard, place the brisket on a cutting board and use an electric knife for perfect slices! Pour off 1/2 of the liquid and discard. Return sliced brisket back into pan (or fancy serving dish) and top off with your favorite bottled BBQ sauce. Cover with foil until ready to eat. You may want to reheat slightly.


Did you notice my Lisa Frost cutting board?


Show Me Decorating Tip: Plan a make ahead menu for large family gatherings. This brisket recipe is great prepared the day before and cooked overnight. Most vegetable casseroles can be made the day before and refrigerated until ready to heat and serve. Ask family members to bring a salad and desserts!

We finish off with an Easter egg hunt and fun desserts!

We love to celebrate Easter with the eggs, candy, rabbits and new clothes, but the real celebration is life. Life given to us because Christ is Alive!!

Thank you to AKA Design + Life for this beautiful printable!

He is risen!

Happy Decorating Y’all,

Becky and Kathy

Here is last Easter’s Family Parade…

Kathy's family

Kathy’s family

Becky's family

Becky’s family

Susan and Will in Austin

Susan and Will in Austin

Rebecca's Easter eggs and dessert treats

Rebecca’s Easter eggs and dessert treats





Show Me How 2 make a Clover Bow for a Wreath

Bows, Bows, Bows, so many ways to tie a bow!

Have you downloaded our Bow App? It will show you how to tie a beautiful bow that you can add to so many things!

For Wreathes, we love to use a Clover Bow and layer it with several ribbons.

Choose a wired ribbon and practice until you love it! Shape the bow out and wire it into the wreath.

Burlap Wreath Bow

Wreath Bows

Then add in an accent ribbon in a print and tails

Fiesta Wreath

Ribbon tails weaved into the wreath add extra dimension.

This week, we had a great time at our Fiesta Make it and Take it Party. It was so much fun to share the How to of Show Me Decorating!

Here are a few of our pictures-

San Antonio Show Me Decorating Team

Love these Gals!

Love these Gals!

Fiesta Wreathes

Creations from Wreath Party


Fiesta Wreathes

Look at those WREATHES

If you would like to be invited to the next Make it and Take it event, email!


Happy Decorating,






Show Me How to Make a Fiesta Wreath

Fiesta Wreath Ingredients

Fiesta in San Antonio begins this year on April 10th. Fiesta is an annual Spring celebration that  started in 1891 when a group of citizens decided to honor the heroes of the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto with a Battle of Flowers.
The first parade had horse-drawn carriages, bicycles decorated with fresh flowers and floats carrying children dressed as flowers. The participants pelted each other with blossoms. It is the largest celebration in San Antonio and includes many parades(River , Flambeau, & Battle of Flowers) festivals(Oyster Bake & King Williams Fair), NIOSA, and a city wide holiday for Battle of Flowers Parade.

To decorate homes, people add Fiesta wreathes to their front door with lots of ribbon, flowers, in bright colors.

Ready to make your own? You can with Show Me Decorating’s easy to follow steps-

What makes for a fabulous seasonal wreath?

1.Quality Ingredients- start with a good base. A wreath with sturdy branches/arms that will hold it’s form when you shape it. Choose colorful focal points to set the theme for your wreath, Wired ribbon in several widths, & Florals.

2. Decorate in a triangle

3. Decorate in layers and fill in spaces to your triangle as you go.

4. Step back & enjoy!

Fiesta Focal points-

RTC Fiesta collage

The Fiesta Collection at

So many cute things to choose…
Start with a great quality base

We love this Lime Green for Fiesta
(This wreath also comes in Orange)

Wreath, lime, green, Fiesta, Spring

Lime Green Wreath

Gather your ingredients-Flowers in bright colors, ribbon half bows, and ribbon streamers.

Ribbon, Floral, Streamers, Spring, Fiesta


Think of your wreath as a triangle and place focal points and bow at each corner. Then fill in with flowers and half bows!

Wreath, Ribbon, Floral, Fiesta

A Few easy steps

Almost done, but first you have to add Ribbon Streamers to make it truly FIESTA!

Fiesta, Wreath, Ribbon, Floral,

Viva Fiesta

Ingredient list-
1 30” Lime Green Wreath
1 Metal Donkey Pinata
1 Metal Fiesta sign
1 Bolt of Candy Loop Ribbon – 5 Yards
Available from-

Fiesta Flowers can be bought or made from paper( don’t hold up as well outside) or from plastic tablecloths
Flowers purchased from Alamo Fiesta in San Antonio
5 large plastic flowers
5 small plastic flowers

Bows tied using the app from

1 large bow
6 half bows
Streamers tied with curly ribbon and satin ribbon

Fiesta Wreath kit available at

Now you are ready for Fiesta or Cinco de Mayo!

Thank you Lanisa Cole and Sal Priddy for the beautiful wreath!


Happy Decorating,


Show Me decorations that “Light Up” the Party

 Show Me decorations that “Light Up” party!

The theme for the couples shower was love, and the event was hosted in the month of love, February. We love to look for unusual ways to carry out the theme and color story throughout the house.

Look up for more decorating opportunities!

Look up for more decorating opportunities!

Top off your table top decorating with a festive chandelier! Alta Lynn uses a base of Christmas green pine garland wrapped around the iron chandelier. She added a felt vine with red hearts, and the black and white polka dot ribbon ties it all together.

Show Me Tip: Invest in a great quality green garland and use it as a base for many decorating ideas. Most garlands (unlit) can be cut to the desired length with wire cutters.

Red wire was used to hang Old World red glass hearts and conversation hearts. Cut wire in different lengths and wrap on arms of the chandelier, finish off the other end with a heart and a curl.

Old World conversation hearts carry out the month of love.

Old World conversation hearts carry out the theme of love.

Show Me Tip: Always consider the weight of the decorations before attaching to the chandelier.

Finished chandelier tops off the  beautiful table.

Finished chandelier tops off the beautiful table.

Show Me Tip: Create interest by using a variety of heart sizes and different lengths of wire. (thin ribbon may also be used)

Setting the table, and a beautiful chandelier.

Setting the table, and a beautiful chandelier.

Chandeliers are a great area to decorate seasonally as seen in the Christmas Brunch hosted in November.

The table is set, complete with a "Vintage" Mary Engelbreit girl centerpiece.

The table is set, complete with a “Vintage” Mary Engelbreit girl centerpiece.

The chandelier tops of the dinning table decorations.

The chandelier tops of the dinning table decorations.

Notice the green garland and felt ivy with hearts is the base for the Christmas decorations! We love to use and reuse or repurpose decorations.

Lamps are another great place to decorate for celebrations, parties or seasonally.

This oversized floor lamp resides in the corner of the dining room and was the perfect spot to show off pictures of the bride and groom.

Oversized floor lamp ready for party decorations.

Oversized floor lamp ready for party decorations.

A garland of valentine hearts was secured around the lamp shade ready to slip in snapshots of the bride and groom!

Paper Valentine garland is secured on the lamp shade

Paper Valentine garland is secured on the lamp shade

The theme of Love is lit up and ready for the couples shower to begin! As you begin planning your next celebration or party consider these 3 tips

Show Me Decorating Tips:

1.Select a theme or color story: Love, Valentines with Red, Pink, Black and White

2.Gather decorations (at home or shopping) to coordinate and compliment the theme and color story: Valentine hearts, ribbon, table cloth, runner, centerpiece (remember the gift, a #CotonColors Happy Everything plate & attachments, is used on this table with fresh flowers in a pitcher added)

3.Set your table days before and designate serving pieces for selections of food to be served

Alta Lynn’s tip:  Enlist a friend and it goes twice as fast!

Alta Lynn's motto: Friends are helpers!

Alta Lynn’s motto: Friends are helpers!

 Enjoy more of the party decorations……

To add a festive touch in the kitchen Alta Lynn hung paper lanterns from the ceiling hooks she leaves in year round and changes out decorations seasonally!

Paper lanterns float above the kitchen, hung from teacup hooks!

Paper lanterns float above the kitchen, hung from teacup hooks!

Ribbon is used to hang the lanterns!

Light weight decorations are an easy change out! You could also use oversized shatterproof Christmas balls.

Paper mache balls hang from black and white polka dot ribbon and a Mark Roberts Fairy adds whimsy!

Paper Mache balls hang from black and white polka dot ribbon and a Mark Roberts Fairy adds whimsy!

Happy decorating y’all,

Kathy and Becky

Valentine Conversations Hearts and Christmas Garland?

Valentine Conversations Hearts and Christmas Garland?

I will show you my Christmas doorway turned Valentines with Conversation hearts and ribbon!

Christmas Doorway, Show Me Decorating Door Decor

Christmas Doorway, Show Me Decorating Door Decor

Show Me Decorating Door Decor!

Show Me Decorating Door Decor!

I love to re-purpose, re-use and recycle my holiday decorations. My Christmas doorway this year was a Red and white color story, complete with Santa faces and candy canes. After Christmas I removed the Santa faces and Candy canes (they were wired on) and stored them away with Christmas. I left everything on on my green pine garland that is attached to permanent screws around my doorway. Red and white ribbon, a white sparkle garland and all the assortment of red, white and red and white patterned balls.

Show Me Decorating Valentine Door Decor

Show Me Decorating Valentine Door Decor

Valentines is a favorite holiday celebration for me. Probably because I Love, love, love RED, and my birthday is February 12th. I love to throw a party for myself and decorate for valentines day! My next favorite color (or color combo ) is Black and white! I have collected serving platters in black and white to use for many celebrations! So it was only natural for me to add Black and white in with valentines day!

I collected my new wooden conversation hearts from Adams and Company and my stash of Black and white polka dot ribbon ( Love polka dots too!) and transformed my Christmas garland into my Valentine Doorway! Love is in the air!

Conversation Hearts and polka dot bows

Conversation Hearts and polka dot bows

1yd bow, attach heart onto wire

1yd bow, attach heart onto wire

Polka Dot Bow and Conversation heart are wired onto garland

Polka Dot Bow and Conversation heart are wired onto garland

My Christmas Pillow is the perfect size for a backdrop to my Target Heart pillow

My Christmas Pillow is the perfect size for a backdrop to my Target Heart pillow

I turned the pillow around to the blank backside.

 Add polka dot ribbon and tie a shoe string bow, finished on top of the pillow

Add polka dot ribbon and tie a shoe string bow, finished on top of the pillow

Tip: Ribbon is a quick  fix to a tired, out of season or plain pillow. It can easily dress up or add a holiday touch!

The inexpensive Fuzzy heart pillow pops against the white

The inexpensive Fuzzy heart pillow pops against the white

This pillow was a great investment, this is the 2nd year for it to be a part of my Valentine Decor!

Lisa Frost heart is a great focal point on this grapevine wreath

Lisa Frost heart is a great focal point on this grapevine wreath

The fabulous Puffy heart is part of the Lisa Frost Collection available on It was the color inspiration for the Show Me Valentine door decor!

Show Me Decorating Valentine Door Decor

Show Me Decorating Valentine Door Decor

Love is in the air……. are you decorated?

……. the next door decor feature will be Alta Lynn’s Mary Engelbreit doorway turned to valentines Day!

Happy decorating y’all!

Becky and Kathy

The Conversation hearts will be my Theme for my valentine decorating this year! Next is to plan, decorate and prepare for my Birthday/Valentines party!