Show Me A Texas Sized Royal Red and Gold Tree Theme.

Texas Sized Royal Red and Gold Tree Theme

Texas Sized Royal Red and Gold Tree Theme

Show Me A Texas Sized Royal Red and Gold Tree Theme.

This tree is reminiscent of a live poinsettia tree. The best of both worlds, live red poinsettias encircle the beautiful Royal Red and Gold Tree Theme, and are low enough to maintain. The tree is filled with permanent botanicals (no watering required!) of big red poinsettias, glitter leaves and sprays. The fresh poinsettias fool the eye into believing this Christmas scene is a real tree!  First Baptist Church in Midland was forced to temporarily relocate to the Midland Center, due to a fire, during the Holiday season. The Show Me Decorating’s Midland team came to the rescue with a plan! A theme and color story were determined, ribbon, balls and florals were selected. The team kept in mind future decorating needs and the ability to reuse the investment decorating the Midland Center. This beautiful tree will be able to move to the reconstructed church for the NEW season and coordinate with their overall Christmas decorating theme and color story!

Happy Decorating Y’all,

Becky and Kathy

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Show Me Decorating your largest Christmas decoration, the Christmas tree!

Royal Red and Gold Christmas Tree Theme

Decorate like a decorator, using the Show Me Decorating step by step instructions from the DVD and guidebook, or the Show Me app for the iPhone or iPad.

Gorgeous trees don’t just happen. they take planning, the right ingredients and the Show Me Decorating recipe that anyone can follow to create that special tree your family and friends will enjoy!

The recipe for trimming a beautifully decorated tree requires a variety of ingredients.

Mix all ingredients with fun and serve up to your family and friends a tree designed by you!

Plan- Select your decorating ingredients around a theme or color story. Determine the ornaments you plan to use from your favorite family ones or special collection.

Tree– Select style size and color for focal impact in your home, determine the location, measure ceiling and available floor space, near an electrical outlet. Prelit trees come boxed and ready for easy assembly. There are many shapes, sizes and colors of Christmas trees to choose from, here are a few examples.

Follow the manufactures instruction for assembly. Shape and fluff each section for your desired look.

To create a theme tree, decide on main ingredients or color story that fits your room, home décor or favorite collection.

Theme ideas include Gingerbread, Western, Red and Gold, Gold and Crystal, Peacock inspired, or the wild side with Animal prints.

The choices are only limited by your imagination and creativity!

Select the Show Me Decorating 3 key ingredients Ribbon, Balls, and Florals to enhance your theme or color story.

Follow the step by step instructions to tie bows, hang balls and season the tree with florals in the DVD and guidebook or  the Show Me App

Mix in your favorite family collection of ornaments to finish off your Christmas tree!

This stunning tree topper is made with 2 bows, 2 red poinsettias and 3 each of 3 florals. We chose the Gold glitter leaf, the Red and Green  spray and the Gold Sparkle Pine Spray. Follow the Show Me Decorating tips for tying a bow and decorating your tree topper.

Wow! Show Me a gorgeous tree, and you did it! Let your imagination take over as you create a wonderful Christmas for your family & friends with fun!

Visit the retail store, Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store NEW location 1012 Andrews Hwy, Midland, Texas

or online at

Merry Christmas and Happy Decorating Y’all,

Becky and Kathy

Show Me Decorating Gives Back at Christmas to the Museum of the Southwest

Museum of the Southwest

Christmas Decorations, Christmas Decorating, Show Me Decorating

Red and Green says Merry Christmas

Opportunities to be a part of the community and benefit organizations and charities are always taken around the holidays. Museum of the Southwest hosts Christmas at the Mansion every year and local stores and designers help to decorate the areas at the museum.

Large decorated garlands festively decorated in red and green hang over the doorway. Topiaries dressed up with lit packages, stand guard beside the door and welcome guests.

Christmas Decorations, Christmas Garlands, Show Me Decorating

Dressed up topiaries

Inside furniture from a local interior designer front is show cased in the parlor and sets the stage for a beautiful flocked tree. A palette of olive green, lime green, and reds, black and cream paper mache balls, burlap ribbon tied with cheetah print velvet and tufted metallic olive green ornaments assist in the decoration of the tree. The choices of the decorations add interest and texture to the unexpected mixture. A beautiful wow for all to see.

Christmas decorations, Christmas Trees, Show Me Decorating

Christmas living room

Christmas Tree, Flocked Christmas Tree, Show Me Decorating

Snowy Tree with Red and Lime Green

Christmas Decorations, Christmas Trees, Show Me Decorating, Flocked Christmas tree

Inside The Musuem of the Southwest for Christmas

Patrons of the museum decorate areas and trees as well. This gingerbread town with a presiding snowman as mayor is festive, fun, and colorful. Turquoise adds a pop that is unusually delectable. Lime green, pink, and turquoise ribbon look so yummy with the traditional red and white.

Christmas Decorations, Gingerbread Christmas, Show Me Decorating

Whimsical Gingerbread

Christmas Gingerbread, Christmas Decorating


TIP: Mesh fabric used as ribbon tied in loops and woven through the tree is colorful and works as great filler. Starting at the top and working in a spiral around the tree downward tuck the mesh in and out.

Christmas Decorations, How to use mesh in a Christmas tree, Red Christmas Decorating, Show Me Decorating

How to use Christmas mesh?

DECORATING TIP: Lime green is almost as popular as Christmas green and certainly adds a fresh bold color to any tree, wreath, or garland. To add zing all over your project use in multiple numbers distributed throughout.

Christmas Decorations, Lime Green Christmas, Christmas Tree Ideas, Show Me Decorating

Christmas Tree Ideas

Show Me a Fun and Funky Christmas

Show Me a Fun and Funky Christmas

Christmas Decorations, Hot Pink Christmas, White Tree, Turquoise

Christmas Decorating in Funky Colors

One of my personal favorites! Who could ever be sad when surrounded by these colors!

Sometimes we ignore the décor and go with traditional colors for the Christmas decorating and sometimes we embrace the décor and treat it as part of the whole look.

Christmas Decorating, Show Me Decorating, Christmas Decorating Themes, Black and White, Hot Pink

Christmas Decorating to match Room Decor

In this home we wanted the decorations to look like they could be up all the time.

Christmas Decorating, Mackenzie Childs, Black and White decorating, Show Me Decorating

Close up of Christmas Decorations

In the front room we chose a white tree to showcase the bright ornaments. It was a fun focal point for the room.

Christmas Decorating Ideas, White Christmas Tree, Show Me Decorating, Hot pink, Turquoise, Lollipops

Christmas Tree Decorating Idea-Decorate in Funky Colors

Hanging a fun finial from the curtain rod made a colorful statement.

Christmas Decorating Idea, Christmas Finial, Show Me Decorating

Fun Finial in a Window

We created a whimsical centerpiece for the table featuring a Mark Roberts fairy. The table looks so yummy it hardly needs food! Well, a cookie or two never hurts!

Christmas Decorating, Christmas Centerpiece, Christmas Tablescape,

Cookies for Santa Centerpiece

The top hat showcases her beautiful collection of Radko ornaments. We added floral, ribbon, and snowflakes to take her tree to a whole other level.

Christmas Decorating Ideas, Christmas Tree Topper, Show Me Decorating, Top Hat, Radko

Top off your Christmas Tree with a Top Hat

The nine foot garland added another dimension to her chine hutch. Garlands are not just for mantels or doorways. They can be used in many places to finish off and compliment your personal items.

Christmas Decorating Ideas, Christmas Garland, Show Me Decorating, Christmas Decorating Themes

Christmas Garland in Funky Colors with pops of Black and White

Show Me A Whimsical Look for The Magical Season

Show Me A Whimsical Entry Way for The Magical Season

Christmas Decorating, Show Me Decorating, Christmas Decorating themes, Christmas Entrance

Christmas Entrance in Whimsical colors

Elegant traditional with a touch of whimsy will please any age. These home owners recently became grandparents and wanted a child pleasing welcome for their grand front entrance. Lots of classic green and gold were used to compliment the buck and traditional style of the home. Whimsical signs with lots of white were added to the garland wreath and door way for a lively touch.

Christmas Entrance, Traditional Christmas Decorating, Show Me Decorating, Red, Gold, Green

Christmas Double Doors with Matching Teardrops

A personalized Santa list, on this wreath, will have family and friends checking to see who’s naughty or nice at the side entry.

Santa Wreath, Christmas Decorations, Show Me Decorating

Whimsical Santa Wreath

Tip: Painting a door black will give your home a dramatic curb appeal and is the perfect back drop to great seasonally designed wreathes and teardrops using the Show Me Decorating techniques.

Show Me Christmas Inspirations from Market 2013

A  Christmas Store takes lots of time and planning, but especially inspiration! We go to market in Atlanta and Dallas in January every year right after the holiday season. Believe me -it takes alot to inspire us especially after a busy year! After spending several days looking at what’s new and hot at market, we get together with our team and plan the theme’s for Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store and Show Me Decorating.  Here’s a quick look at what inspired us and soon we’ll unveil Miss Cayce’s spin on the looks from market.

#Christmastreetheme, #TraditionalRedandGreenChristmas, Show Me Decorating

Christmas Tree Theme Traditional Red and Green

Traditional red and green explosion with a tree top filled with florals and pops of lime green.

Christmas tree themes, #Christmastreetoppers,North Pole, #flockedtree, #elves

Christmas Tree North Pole Theme

North Pole a whimsical play on Elves and friends on a snowy tree. We love the elf legs as a tree topper. The colors of red, emerald green, and lime green with a pop of white say Welcome to the North Pole.

Peacock, Turquoise, Christmas Theme

Peacock colors for Christmas

Peacock Splendor – we love the monochromatic color of turquoise and peacock feathers.

Christmas Tree Theme, Vintage Shabby Chic, Show Me Decorating, Cream, Silver

Christmas Tree Vintage Shabby Chic

Vintage Cream and Silver-Shabby Chic is back! We saw this throughout market in home decor, furniture, gifts, and jewelry. Vintage was all over! Wait until you see our take on this look-we’re going to call it Silver Service!

Snowman tree theme, Arch Tree, Doorway

Christmas Tree Theme -Snowman Arch Tree

A what? A SNOWMAN ARCH TREE- oh my! Wouldn’t this be amazing for an entrance or doorway. Frosty and friends also translates to a tree or garland with flocked foliage. We saw lots of snowmen!

We work hard at market but enjoy every minute of it and can’t wait for you to see the new Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store, Midland. Did you know it’s worth a trip from anywhere?

Did you see a theme you really liked? Comment below

How do you decorate your tree? We would love for you to tell us and share a picture or two.

Happy Decorating Ya’ll,

Becky and Kathy

Hop on in…and Celebrate Easter! (then Spring!)

Hop on in…and Celebrate Easter! All the Easter Egg hunters welcome! Grab your baskets, ready set, hunt…….

Ingredient List

From  40% Off Select Easter & Spring Through March 22!

From your local hobby store

  • Easter Eggs and Metal Wire
Hop on in...everyone is welcome!

Hop on in…everyone is welcome!

The new online store  ShowMeDecorating has a great selection of ingredients to decorate your door or entranceway for Easter and then change out for Spring! Invest in basic key ingredients and get double and even triple use or seasons!

Key ingredients, wreath, ribbon, focal points

Key ingredients, wreath, ribbon, focal points

Step 1: shape out the Twister grass wreath and Bright Multi Flower garland

Bright Multi Flower garland

Bright Multi Flower garland

Twister Grass Wreath

Twister Grass Wreath

Step 2:  Lay the Bright Multi Flower garland on top of the wreath and attach by using the wired branches to twist together. (If you are unsure, use green pipe cleaners in short pieces to attach together)

Twisty Grass Wreath with Bright Multi Flower Garland

Twisty Grass Wreath with Bright Multi Flower Garland

After wrapping the Bright Multi Flower Garland on the wreath, the extra length was left to swag down!

Closeup of attaching Wreath and Garland

Closeup of attaching Wreath and Garland

2 single loop bows, (1yd each) 1 tail (2yds)

2 single loop bows, (1yd each) 1 tail (2yds)

Bows and tail added to wreath

Bows and tail added to wreath

Happy Easter sign is wired on

Happy Easter sign is wired on

Metal hanging flower wired on

Metal hanging flower wired on

Hop on in...everyone is welcome!

Hop on in…everyone is welcome!

The egg “ribbon” was easy, floral wire threaded through the holes in the plastic eggs, the end of the wire was curled to hold first egg in place and then more eggs added in a variety of color and designs, leave enough wire to attach to your wreath. This is fun addition and when I remove the eggs and happy Easter sign I can add a spring sign and flip flops to welcome warmer weather!

Step 1 Easter egg "Ribbon"

Step 1 Easter egg “Ribbon”

Step 2 Thread on more eggs

Step 2 Thread on more eggs

Step 3 Use a variety of color,size and designs

Step 3 Use a variety of color,size and designs

Step 4 Make 3"Ribbons" for this wreath

Step 4 Make 3″Ribbons” for this wreath

pin it button

Step 5 Wire on to wreath, or hang from a chandelier or garland or ?????

Step 5 Wire on to wreath, or hang from a chandelier or garland or ?????

With the left over Ribbon from my 10yd bolt of Pink Glitter Coral Ribbon I tied bows with streamers and added to the base of my Chandelier!

Even the Chandelier gets dressed for Easter  Glitter Coral Ribbon

Even the Chandelier gets dressed for Easter Glitter Coral Ribbon Bow

I attached plastic Easter eggs to the floral wire holding the glitter bows! 2 -2yd bows

For all your Spring and Easter supplies visit www.ShowMeDecorating,com

Happy decorating y’all,

Becky and Kathy

The Christmas Decorating Experts of Show Me Decorating