Show Me How 2 make a Clover Bow for a Wreath

Bows, Bows, Bows, so many ways to tie a bow!

Have you downloaded our Bow App? It will show you how to tie a beautiful bow that you can add to so many things!

For Wreathes, we love to use a Clover Bow and layer it with several ribbons.

Choose a wired ribbon and practice until you love it! Shape the bow out and wire it into the wreath.

Burlap Wreath Bow

Wreath Bows

Then add in an accent ribbon in a print and tails

Fiesta Wreath

Ribbon tails weaved into the wreath add extra dimension.

This week, we had a great time at our Fiesta Make it and Take it Party. It was so much fun to share the How to of Show Me Decorating!

Here are a few of our pictures-

San Antonio Show Me Decorating Team

Love these Gals!

Love these Gals!

Fiesta Wreathes

Creations from Wreath Party


Fiesta Wreathes

Look at those WREATHES

If you would like to be invited to the next Make it and Take it event, email!


Happy Decorating,







Show Me How to Make a Fiesta Wreath

Fiesta Wreath Ingredients

Fiesta in San Antonio begins this year on April 10th. Fiesta is an annual Spring celebration that  started in 1891 when a group of citizens decided to honor the heroes of the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto with a Battle of Flowers.
The first parade had horse-drawn carriages, bicycles decorated with fresh flowers and floats carrying children dressed as flowers. The participants pelted each other with blossoms. It is the largest celebration in San Antonio and includes many parades(River , Flambeau, & Battle of Flowers) festivals(Oyster Bake & King Williams Fair), NIOSA, and a city wide holiday for Battle of Flowers Parade.

To decorate homes, people add Fiesta wreathes to their front door with lots of ribbon, flowers, in bright colors.

Ready to make your own? You can with Show Me Decorating’s easy to follow steps-

What makes for a fabulous seasonal wreath?

1.Quality Ingredients- start with a good base. A wreath with sturdy branches/arms that will hold it’s form when you shape it. Choose colorful focal points to set the theme for your wreath, Wired ribbon in several widths, & Florals.

2. Decorate in a triangle

3. Decorate in layers and fill in spaces to your triangle as you go.

4. Step back & enjoy!

Fiesta Focal points-

RTC Fiesta collage

The Fiesta Collection at

So many cute things to choose…
Start with a great quality base

We love this Lime Green for Fiesta
(This wreath also comes in Orange)

Wreath, lime, green, Fiesta, Spring

Lime Green Wreath

Gather your ingredients-Flowers in bright colors, ribbon half bows, and ribbon streamers.

Ribbon, Floral, Streamers, Spring, Fiesta


Think of your wreath as a triangle and place focal points and bow at each corner. Then fill in with flowers and half bows!

Wreath, Ribbon, Floral, Fiesta

A Few easy steps

Almost done, but first you have to add Ribbon Streamers to make it truly FIESTA!

Fiesta, Wreath, Ribbon, Floral,

Viva Fiesta

Ingredient list-
1 30” Lime Green Wreath
1 Metal Donkey Pinata
1 Metal Fiesta sign
1 Bolt of Candy Loop Ribbon – 5 Yards
Available from-

Fiesta Flowers can be bought or made from paper( don’t hold up as well outside) or from plastic tablecloths
Flowers purchased from Alamo Fiesta in San Antonio
5 large plastic flowers
5 small plastic flowers

Bows tied using the app from

1 large bow
6 half bows
Streamers tied with curly ribbon and satin ribbon

Fiesta Wreath kit available at

Now you are ready for Fiesta or Cinco de Mayo!

Thank you Lanisa Cole and Sal Priddy for the beautiful wreath!


Happy Decorating,


Show Me Pallets …transformation …Mother’s Day surprise!

Pallets, pallets, pallets! Have you pinned a pallet transformation? We have, there are so many great ideas and we just had to share what Kathy’s son-in-law Josh created for her daughter while she was away in Midland celebrating Mother’s day. Amanda had collected some pallets from a friend and made a suggestion to Josh for her Mother’s day present! So Josh did what all good husbands do, he went to work!

To quote Josh….

“The transformation of a piece o”!xo#@6%x” pallet to a….uh….I guess a nice little piece of patio table. …….I amaze my self sometimes! Happy mothers day!!”



Pallets collected for a pallet transformation

Pallets collected for a pallet transformation

Do you see a piece of furniture? Josh must have the ability of a stone carver to see a patio table for Amanda is this junky wood!

Step one, dismantle pallets

Step one, dismantle pallets

Determine size, width, height, and began planning out the table legs, braces and table top

Table is assembled from pallet wood

Table is assembled from pallet wood

Stain you pallet project to allow the variety of wood colors to be enhanced.

Stain you pallet project to allow the variety of wood colors to be enhanced.

Finished pallet patio table!

One of our favorite finishes is a “Wipe On poly” available at Lowes
Follow directions on product .
The table would also look great painted your favorite color, distress it with sanding and then finish with a coat of swipe on poly !
Next time you see that pallet being thrown away, look close because it could be your next…???????
Happy Decorating y’all,
Kathy and Becky
Thanks Amanda and Josh for sharing your project!
Need some inspiration?


Fun painted pallets

Great site for ideas

Great site for ideas

Show Me some mother’s love…..

Mother’s show love at so many times….. for their husbands, kiddos and family! We wanted to share with you a Mother’s treat that Amanda and her kids made to show some love to their Grana (Kathy) and Great Grandmother (Betty).

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

Have fun….Amanda, Kaydin and Layla,

Take this time together to teach your children about who they are making the presents for!

Here is a list of supplies that you will need:

Flower pots (hobby lobby and Walmart)
Acrylic paint (hobby lobby)
Foam Paint brushes (hobby lobby)
Painters tape (lowes)
Potting soil (lowes)
Plants (lowes)
****And lots of patience ……………..

Layla loves to paint!

Layla loves to paint!

We chose a variety of sizes and shapes, some were just $1!

We chose a variety of sizes and shapes, some were just $1!

Kaydin was super serious about his painting!

Kaydin was super serious about his painting!

Paper plates for paint colors

1. Tape of flower pots in design you want, stripes, checks, zigzags
2. Squirt one color at a time for kids to use on paper plates, put on an old t-shirt to protect clothing and cover the table or surface with a plastic drop cloth or table cloth
3. Let kids have fun and paint the un-taped parts, step back and let them have fun
4. Let dry for couple of hours, a blow dryer will speed up drying time
5. Remove tape and then tape the already painted parts
6. give pots back to kids and finish painting
7. Let dry and remove all tape.

8. now it is time to make it personal with hand prints and flowers (made with thumbprints!)

Grana’s favorite summertime drink is a “Mint Mojito” so we planted with mint!

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

Kaydin shows Grana some love!

we love our Grana, she is special and always show us some love…….

love and kisses!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Amanda, Kaydin and Layla

Happy decorating y’all,

thanks Amanda for the guest post,

Kathy and Becky

PS show my Grana some love and visit her new online store……

love, Kaydin


Do you like to Create?

Creating is fun especially when the guesswork is taken out! At Show Me Decorating, our philosphy is Create, Educate to Decorate! Today, we want to Inspire you to create a Fiesta or a Spring wreath. We are bringing together our favorite vendors to provide you with exceptional materials to create fabulous wreathes, garlands, and in just a few months Christmas trees!

To create a Show Me Decorating wreath-you need a quality wreath base to work in floral, focal points, and ribbon.

For Spring or Fiesta choose, your wreath base

Spring, Fiesta, Green, Lime Green, Orange, Wreath

Wreath Base

Now choose, your ribbon! Be sure it’s wired and has a good body. You can learn to tie a bow at

Lime Green, Turquoise, Fuchsia, glitter, ribbon

Wired Ribbon for Wreathes and More!

spring, Fiesta, Ribbon, Streamers

Wired Ribbon for Bows, Half Bows, and Streamers

Florals are next. Depending on the size of your wreath, you’ll want a variety of colors and shapes or you can go monochromatic and use all of the same color.

Spring, Fiesta, flowers, floral,

Florals for wreathes, garlands, and more

Focal points give you a POP of the season and additional texture. From our collection

Wreathes, Spring, Fiesta

Focal points add a POP of color!

Now, that you have all of your ingredients -get ready to place them on your wreath. You want to be sure and shape out the wreathes and flowers. Remember, every flower has a face so shape and place where the flower face shows. You will place bow, florals, and focal points in a triangle.

See below in our Fiesta example

Wreath, Ribbon, Floral, Fiesta

A Few easy steps

You are ready to fill in the gaps with more florals and half bows.

Almost done-now step back and see if your wreath is balanced and full. You may need to rearrange to your liking.

Here are a few examples for Inspiration and be sure and order your ingredients from

Spring, Wreath, floral, Ribbon,

Brighten your door with a Spring Wreath

Price is to give you an idea of what it would cost if you bought retail

Fiesta, Wreath, Ribbon, Floral,

Viva Fiesta

Spring, Wreath, Owl, Ribbon

Whoo says it’s Spring…

We love to create and inspire you! Sharing is a great way to spread the love of creating-share with us what you have been making and we would love it if your click on the share button below and tell your friends about Show Me Decorating!

Happy Decorating,


Fabulous Spring Focal Points

Fabulous, never before seen Focal Points from

For wreaths, your entryway or for your tabletop!

Vibrant Metal Hanging Flower $16.99

Metal hanging flower door entryway doorway

The metal hanging flower is perfect for any focal point! Only $16.99

Happiness is the Air sign only $7.99

Happiness is in the Air sign focal point wreath door doorway entryway

Happiness is in the Air! Another great focal point from

Bloom Where You Are Planted sign $7.99

Bloom where you are planted sign Adams & Co spring easter door doorway

Bloom where you are Planted sign makes a great focal point or just hang it on the front of your door!

Happy Easter Assorted signs $24.99

Happy Easter signs spring bunny rabbit, chicken egg

Happy Easter Assorted signs for all around the home!

9″ S-P-R-I-N-G Wood Letters $41.99

Spring and easter wood blocks

Spring Block Letters to work into a wreath as your focal point. Wire in each letter!

lisAfRosT, spring, roses

For more fabulous decorating ingredients, visit

Lisa Frost and Show Me Decorating DIY for Easter!

Lisa Frost and Show Me Decorating DIY for Easter!

Hop into a Frosty Spring! Guest Lisa Frost with the Show Me Decorating Experts

Lisa Frost….talented artist & designer shares her story in art! Her happy heart is translated thru her hands, to her brush and onto the canvas to spread her Frosty cheer throughout the land!

learn all about Lisa and her Art at

Follow her blog for more DIY Spring and Easter!

 Lisa Frost DIY table for Easter

Lisa Frost DIY table for Easter. Her working studio is located in her home for the family to enjoy!

DIY ideas in this photo…

1. Magnetic silk Flowers attached to table runners,

shop for silk flowers in 3 sizes, small, medium and large (Variety in size and color add interest)

next cut the stem off with wire cutters

plug in your GG (Lisa’s nickname for her Glue Gun), and glue positive magnet to flower back

now attach to your table runner with another magnet

2. Jelly Bean Centerpiece

WOW your family and friends with this EASY DIY Centerpiece! Here is what you will need:

1. Tall glass cylinder

2. Branch, spray painted white

3. Internal poster-board cylinder.

I created it by eyeballing the size I would need! I rolled up a piece of poster board and measured the diameter I would need by placing it inside of the glass (that’s what I call “eyeballing”). I noted the space needed for the jelly beans to fill in around it! Marked the size with a pencil. 4. Plugged in my GG…(hot glue gun). Glued the poster board into a cylinder and stuffed the cylinder with florist foam, added the tree branch and stuffed it with newspaper. 5. Set the paper cylinder inside of the glass. 6. Separated the jelly beans by color… 7. Arranged them by color… 8. Layered them inside… 9. Ta-da!!!!

Happy Easter… xox lisA


3. Ostrich Eggs with monograms!

Easter eggs decorated with food writer

Easter eggs decorated with edible food writers

Edible Color Markers are a great way to decorate eggs… Lisa’s tips

1. use a pattern in one color and repeat over entire egg

2. use small, medium and large patterns for interest

3. fill a basket

great DIY for any age

Thank you Lisa Frost for sharing!

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Happy Decorating yall,

Kathy and Becky

the Show Me Decorating Experts