Show Me a Frightfully Fun Halloween Garland!

Welcome Trick or Treaters!

The Before!

Green garland and black garland add ons


shape garland and check lights

Garland fluffed and shaped!

Use greenery twisted over black garlands

Black Leaf garland and branch added on

hang garland around door, secured to screws

Start by wiring on Balls in varied sizes and colors

Wire on large focal points

added largest focal in corners

add in ribbon and glitter floral

Ribbon and glitter floral

Wreaths that match are added to complete the doorway!

Need help decorating? Check out our app for iphones and ipads!

Happy Decorating Yall!

Becky and Kathy

Special thanks to Our designer Georgeann for the Fun instructions, the Show Me Decorating Team, and Mindy for a fabulous doorway!


9 thoughts on “Show Me a Frightfully Fun Halloween Garland!

    • We had these available (monstre eyes and spiders) last year at our store, Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store in Midland Texas. They are not available from the manufacturer again I am sorry. We will be posting more ideas and will have those items (new spiders, signs, figurines etc) available! Thanks for asking! Ribbon, garland, mesh, balls and florals are available on our new website, We will also be posting featured items, check us out on facebook!

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