Show Me Top 4 Reasons to Theme My Christmas Tree

Show Me Top 4 Reasons To Theme My Christmas Tree ……… part 1

“Theming for a Lifestyle” is a mantra Kathy and I live by! Why you may ask? It narrows down the choices and creates focus and direction in decorating, for a party, your home decor, a celebration or event and your Christmas Décor. Because the Christmas tree is your largest Christmas decoration it is only natural for it to be front and center!


Miss Cayce's Christmas Store,Christmas Tree Theme,How To

Kathy and Becky, sisters and co/owners of Miss Cayce’s Christmas store, Midland, Texas since 1984, creators of Show Me Decorating


Definition of a theme:
Wikipedia: “a central topic, a subject or concept (the author is trying to point out)”
Webster’s: “a unifying or dominant idea or motif with common elements”
Show Me Decorating: simplified focus, narrowing choices of common elements when decorating for Christmas, parties, events, home décor and personal style
Top 4 Reasons to Theme
1. A unifying concept or theme gives even modest home displays a professional sheen
2. Simplifies your decorating, buying
3. Saves money and time
4. Creates focus and finish

We created several new themes for Vickerman’s Showrooms in Atlanta and Dallas. We hope you are inspired to try theming for the 1st time or incorporate one of our new Show Me Decorating themes in your Holiday decorating!

Christmas Tree Theme,Christmas Candy decoration,Christmas tree,

Christmas Confection accented with bright colors and sugared treats


Chef Santa serves up sweet treats of colorful concoctions from cupcakes to lollipops. Glittered ribbon adds an extra touch, and don’t forget to sprinkle in the multicolor candy polkadot balls. Yum! A Flocked Christmas Tree is the perfect base to highlight this fun mix of colors.

Add in your favorite collection of gingerbread ornaments, perfect for a kitchen or breakfast room!

Peacock Christmas tree theme, peacock decorations, turquoise Christmas tree decorations

Peacock Splendor with regal gold accents.


Peacock Splendor Christmas Tree Theme is majestic shades of turquoise, blue, green and gold. Strutting a color palette that matches your homes decor will compliment the celebrations. Picking core ingredients that reflect your taste and personality will give your home its own one of a kind look and style.

The gorgeous Blue Green Tinsel tree shows off all the fabulous shades of blue. Add in your personal collection of gold, crystal or peacock ornaments and you are set to celebrate!

Peacock Christmas Tree Theme, Animal Print Ribbon,

Peacock Gone Wild, slim or narrow Christmas tree works well as a living room tree!

Leopard print ribbon, balls and ornaments added to the Peacock Tree Theme are a perfect match to our homeowners living room. Our Show Me Decorating step by step techniques will help you decorate like a designer!

Christmas tree theme, christmas decorations, Christmas, snowman,burlap

Deer, birds and furry creatures will celebrate the Christmas Season with the Enchanted Forest Christmas Tree Theme.


Glistening icicles and snow tipped branches, Christmas holly and Red poinsettias transform your Christmas into an Enchanted Forest! Frosty woodland snowmen and critters play amongst the CHristmas Forest shades of greens, rich ruby reds and accented with platinum sparkle and a touch of rustic burlap.

Curl up next to the fireplace on a holiday night and celebrate the Christmas season in an Enchanted forest!

Follow all our decorating How To and bring out the designer in you!

Christmas Tree decorating, Christmas decorations, How To Decorate Christmas tree

Show Me Decorating “How To” Trim your Christmas tree


Happy Decorating Y’all,

Becky and Kathy

Christmas decorating since 1984

Show Me Decorating


Next post we share 3 more Christmas tree themes, Peppermint Twist, Christmas Sparkle, Metal Mix and more.

There is something for everyone!




Let us know what you think!!

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