Show Me Decorating Gives Back at Christmas to the Museum of the Southwest

Museum of the Southwest

Christmas Decorations, Christmas Decorating, Show Me Decorating

Red and Green says Merry Christmas

Opportunities to be a part of the community and benefit organizations and charities are always taken around the holidays. Museum of the Southwest hosts Christmas at the Mansion every year and local stores and designers help to decorate the areas at the museum.

Large decorated garlands festively decorated in red and green hang over the doorway. Topiaries dressed up with lit packages, stand guard beside the door and welcome guests.

Christmas Decorations, Christmas Garlands, Show Me Decorating

Dressed up topiaries

Inside furniture from a local interior designer front is show cased in the parlor and sets the stage for a beautiful flocked tree. A palette of olive green, lime green, and reds, black and cream paper mache balls, burlap ribbon tied with cheetah print velvet and tufted metallic olive green ornaments assist in the decoration of the tree. The choices of the decorations add interest and texture to the unexpected mixture. A beautiful wow for all to see.

Christmas decorations, Christmas Trees, Show Me Decorating

Christmas living room

Christmas Tree, Flocked Christmas Tree, Show Me Decorating

Snowy Tree with Red and Lime Green

Christmas Decorations, Christmas Trees, Show Me Decorating, Flocked Christmas tree

Inside The Musuem of the Southwest for Christmas

Patrons of the museum decorate areas and trees as well. This gingerbread town with a presiding snowman as mayor is festive, fun, and colorful. Turquoise adds a pop that is unusually delectable. Lime green, pink, and turquoise ribbon look so yummy with the traditional red and white.

Christmas Decorations, Gingerbread Christmas, Show Me Decorating

Whimsical Gingerbread

Christmas Gingerbread, Christmas Decorating


TIP: Mesh fabric used as ribbon tied in loops and woven through the tree is colorful and works as great filler. Starting at the top and working in a spiral around the tree downward tuck the mesh in and out.

Christmas Decorations, How to use mesh in a Christmas tree, Red Christmas Decorating, Show Me Decorating

How to use Christmas mesh?

DECORATING TIP: Lime green is almost as popular as Christmas green and certainly adds a fresh bold color to any tree, wreath, or garland. To add zing all over your project use in multiple numbers distributed throughout.

Christmas Decorations, Lime Green Christmas, Christmas Tree Ideas, Show Me Decorating

Christmas Tree Ideas


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