Kurt S. Adler, Creating Memories for Over 60 Years!

Creating Holiday Memories for over 60 years, Kurt S Adler is a leading importer of holiday decorations.

Representative Dave Murray shares with the Show Me Decorating Experts his company’s history and experiences.

Founder Kurt S Adler


Leading importer of Holiday decorations for over 60 years

Kurt Adler

As told by Kurt Adler………

“We are the leading importer of holiday decorations for over 60 years.”

Their story begins after the close of World War II when Kurt Adler tried his hand at exporting general goods. As the business grew and European economies began to flourish, he changed direction to importing. In the1950’s, ornaments were first offered. Beautiful handmade angels from East and West Germany found an enthusiastic audience in America. The line was expanded with glass ornaments from Czechoslovakia, hanging ceiling decorations from Germany, and miniature lights from Italy. Suddenly, America was ablaze with festive decorations that offered a European flair.

The next decade, Kurt Adler started importing holiday goods from the Far East. Collectors delighted in colorful snowglobes among other items that came alive with movement and innovation. In the 1970’s, holiday decorating was transformed into a fashion business with ornaments crafted in country colors. When everyone on the streets of New York was wearing long striped scarves, the popular clothing patterns were redesigned as popular Christmas stockings. During that time, people were captivated by the realistic look of the German Black Forest™ Christmas trees.

Fabriché™ Santas, Nutcrackers and other collectibles were ushered in during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Santa was transformed into a fun-loving character that enjoyed hobbies such as windsurfing and skiing. The nutcracker was reinvented, as Merlin “The Magician” and other famous legends became collectibles. By the late 1990’s, successes included Polonaise™ blown-glass ornaments, Luxor™ Egyptian glass, bubble-blowers, icicle lights and limited editions. Many have received the highest accolades in the industry.

The rapid pace of product development continued after the millennium. Customers welcomed mixed media ornaments including Carolin’ Critters™ plush animals, nostalgic decorations from The Early Years™ retro collection and unique electronic novelty decorations. Recent innovations include animatronics, fiber optic trees, interactive advent calendars and synchronized musical decorations.

Their dominant position is achieved with a unique blend of innovation, value and service. With headquarters in New York City and a state of the art distribution center, the business continues today to be run by Kurt Adler’s children -Howard, Clifford, and Karen. The one-stop source for all your holiday needs, Kurt Adler and the Santa’s World brand showcase talented designers and iconic licenses with products from some 200 factories in 15 countries.

Their strong presence in the market place features wholesale showrooms and trade shows, which are open daily in the U.S. and Canada. We also have offices in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Our line is available at a broad range of retailers from mass merchants to fine specialty shops and everyone in-between.

Today, Kurt Adler remains a trusted company that has created beautiful holiday memories for millions of people, since 1946

santa becky

A Jaqueline Kent, bigger than life Santa!

Renowned character artist Jacqueline Kent has been entertaining crowds in the American and Canadian gift and collectibles industry with her true to life creations since the early 1990’s. The introduction of her whimsical Fairy Godmothers touched the hearts of everyone and they quickly became her number one seller. Jacqueline says her inspiration always comes from the people around her. “In particular, my Christmas Carolers were born by my memories as a young girl growing up in London, England and by my parent’s stories. My family and I grew up in a rural area and the community was very close-knit. At Christmas time, it was not unusual for a church group or a handful of neighbors to gather for an hour or two of caroling on the street. The children were encouraged by the adults to participate and although my memories have faded somewhat, I can still remember standing outside with my family, singing “Away in a Manger”. For me, it was a very magical time.”

Make your home inviting with Jacqueline’s sweet-faced Santa ornaments and figures. With a variety of designs and sizes, there is sure to be a Santa for everyone. You will fall in love with the life-like appearances of these pieces and each will become treasured works of art. Every Jacqueline Kent creation is originally designed and hand-sculpted by Jacqueline herself.


Fabriché™ Santas represent everything we love about Christmas. These jolly figures portray Santa performing our favorite holiday traditions- delivering Christmas presents, setting nativity scenes, decorating gingerbread houses and singing Christmas carols.
In addition to the holiday designs, Fabriché™ also shows Santa celebrating the everyday joys of life. These fun-loving Santa figures enjoy a range of activities that include fishing, hunting and relaxing under the sun. The Fabriché™ collection also features Santa as professional figures such as lawyers, firemen, doctors and more.
The Masterworks collection is a group of Fabriché™ Santa figures whose designs have been inspired by antique greeting cards. These 16” tabletop Santas reflect the joyful holiday spirit of the late 19th century. All Fabriché™ Masterworks Santas and accessories are artistically designed to scale and are sure to bring back the joyful spirit of a bygone era.

Kurt Adler is the longest running supplier of Christmas ornaments, florals, decorations and gifts for our storeMiss Cayce’s Christmas Store, located in Midland, Texas


We love the whimsical style and color of these Nutcrackers!

Happy Decorating Yall,

Becky and Kathy

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