Do you like to Create?

Creating is fun especially when the guesswork is taken out! At Show Me Decorating, our philosphy is Create, Educate to Decorate! Today, we want to Inspire you to create a Fiesta or a Spring wreath. We are bringing together our favorite vendors to provide you with exceptional materials to create fabulous wreathes, garlands, and in just a few months Christmas trees!

To create a Show Me Decorating wreath-you need a quality wreath base to work in floral, focal points, and ribbon.

For Spring or Fiesta choose, your wreath base

Spring, Fiesta, Green, Lime Green, Orange, Wreath

Wreath Base

Now choose, your ribbon! Be sure it’s wired and has a good body. You can learn to tie a bow at

Lime Green, Turquoise, Fuchsia, glitter, ribbon

Wired Ribbon for Wreathes and More!

spring, Fiesta, Ribbon, Streamers

Wired Ribbon for Bows, Half Bows, and Streamers

Florals are next. Depending on the size of your wreath, you’ll want a variety of colors and shapes or you can go monochromatic and use all of the same color.

Spring, Fiesta, flowers, floral,

Florals for wreathes, garlands, and more

Focal points give you a POP of the season and additional texture. From our collection

Wreathes, Spring, Fiesta

Focal points add a POP of color!

Now, that you have all of your ingredients -get ready to place them on your wreath. You want to be sure and shape out the wreathes and flowers. Remember, every flower has a face so shape and place where the flower face shows. You will place bow, florals, and focal points in a triangle.

See below in our Fiesta example

Wreath, Ribbon, Floral, Fiesta

A Few easy steps

You are ready to fill in the gaps with more florals and half bows.

Almost done-now step back and see if your wreath is balanced and full. You may need to rearrange to your liking.

Here are a few examples for Inspiration and be sure and order your ingredients from

Spring, Wreath, floral, Ribbon,

Brighten your door with a Spring Wreath

Price is to give you an idea of what it would cost if you bought retail

Fiesta, Wreath, Ribbon, Floral,

Viva Fiesta

Spring, Wreath, Owl, Ribbon

Whoo says it’s Spring…

We love to create and inspire you! Sharing is a great way to spread the love of creating-share with us what you have been making and we would love it if your click on the share button below and tell your friends about Show Me Decorating!

Happy Decorating,



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