Viva Fiesta! Show Me some Streamers

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Fiesta Time!

Whether you live in San Antonio enjoying 11 days of parades, festivals and more or you are having a Fiesta themed party for Cinco de Mayo or Graduation Celebrations.

  Show Me Decorating can Show you how with some easy to follow steps for making a fabulous Fiesta wreath.


Flowers, flowers, flowers, take center stage for Fiesta! Ribbon, bright, colorful and fun for streamers! Wow, what a statement. Coordinating wreaths for double doors!

Open up the back of the wreath and touch every branch as you shape moving around the back.

  Use a pipe cleaner (chenille stem) on the back as a loop to hang your wreath. Wrap two chenille stems together (for strength) and attach to wire frame, now turn the wreath around and see how the pine branches grow, shaping and fluffing out.

Focal points add interest, we love @Round Top Collection for metal pieces and of course a bow using the

 Fiesta is all about vivid colors and we fell in love with this embroidered ribbon from @Farrisilk. It reminded us of the Fiesta Queen’s dresses. Place your ingredients in a triangle pattern.

  Place flowers in a triangle, add a needle point ivy for filler and interest to the green pine base. Shape flowers and remember every flower has a face so make sure it shows.

We tied a full big bow (1 of the focal points in the 1st triangle) with a print ribbon, solid, mesh, and streamers. Add in half bows as you fill in the wreath and your triangles.

Fiesta is all about the streamers. It’s a great way to make a colorful statement and inexpensive! We tied our streamers (@ReliantRibbon) onto a heavy piece of wire or you could use the flat part of a hanger, then we attached it to our wreath base. You can remove it for easier storage, or take off for a different look.

 Completed Wreathes by our Show Me Decorating San Antonio Team!

Now, you can make your own or contact if you would like one of the above or fill out this form:

Happy Decorating,

Jennifer, Sal, and Lanisa

the “Show Me Decorating” Team in San Antonio

just $2.99

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