Show me the power of 3! Valentine Wreath Power Punch!

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Welcome to my home! Happy Valentines day!

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1st impressions, you only get one chance! We used the power of 3 on this fun valentine wreath! 3 large oversized focal points have a punch and balance! Now we show you how!

Gather all your supplies

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The Lisa Frost (@demdaco) puffy heart was the inspiration for the wreath, the sign from @Walmart is a Sandra Magsamen creation, compliments the color story, Red, pink with the pop of black and white! The message live, love, laugh is perfect for Valentines

Spray paint a grapevine wreath black for the base

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Ribbon! funky pink clear vinyl, fuzzy pink and red, and black and white polka dot@reliantribbon, the 4-6″ ribbon makes a statement

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Learn to tie a bow, $2.99! We created a bow with this fun combination of wired ribbon. Learning to tie bow opens the door to so many decorating projects!

Glitter, a girls got to have some!

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The fun pink flower spray was leftover from Christmas! After Christmas sales are a great place to find fun things to incorporate in seasonal and everyday decorating. The purpose of a theme and color story is to help you focus when you are looking for supplies for your project and narrow the options! We also love items that can be used for more than one purpose!

The Lisa Frost heart @demdaco(the inspiration) and the fun Sandra Magsamen Sign @livingartfully @walmart, are 2 of the focal points

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We wired on the canvas heart and the sign, now to balance the two we will add our bow! Learn how to tie a bow at just $.99! The power of 3! Wired ribbon is best! @reliantribbon

The power of 3, adds balance to the wreath!, bow is wired on!

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Now the finishing touches, the glitter pink flowers will carry out our color story, red, pink and black and white! A couple of shatterproof red Christmas balls will add a little more red and both are wired on. (by wiring on instead of gluing, all the pieces can be taken off and reused next year in a different way, and it is easier to store)

The wreath is finished off with Funky sparkle pink flowers!

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Welcome to my home! Happy Valentines day!

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Everyone walking or driving by will see an inviting doorway! The power of the 1st impression! What does your doorway say?

We want to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day, spread some love and cheer to all those you come in contact with!

Create, Inspire, Educate to Decorate!

Happy decorating y’all,

Becky and Kathy


28 thoughts on “Show me the power of 3! Valentine Wreath Power Punch!

  1. Debbie says:

    I love the thought of putting something fun on the door for Valentine’s Day! The front door always looks so drab after the bright Christmas Holidays! The whimsical wreath is so cute!! A much need for February since it is heart health month as well as Valentine’s Day!!

  2. sam ramos says:

    This is Fantastic and thank you for sharing the steps. I showed my mother and she loved your creation. I think I am going to follow your steps and create one for Mother’s Day. I think it is perfect for Valentine and Mother’s Day. Thank you so much for such creative expression. LOVE IT!!!!

  3. I love this! I have been looking for something like this, but have never found anything! I just have a cheap tinsel heart from Target on my front door! I am going tomorrow to get the supplies I need and make it for next year! I’m so excited! I love it!!!!!!!

  4. lisashults says:

    Happy Valentines Day!!! Hey! Did I mention that I REALLY…REALLY…..LOVE this LISA FROST heart? =)
    Hail……to all things WHIMSICAL! Love…Love…Love it!

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