Show Me a Home dressed in Peacock!

A beautiful tree dressed in colors of a peacock!

We would like to share with you a room dressed in peacock, animal print and a touch of glitter for the Christmas season. When choosing a theme we consider the room decor and pick a color story to compliment. We love to add a touch of glitz and glitter to celebrate the season and differeniate from everyday decor. It’s Christmas, a time for beauty and magic, a touch of whimsy, come on let go and let your imagination fly……

To learn more on themes, ribbons and how to tie a bow get our “Recipe for Holiday Tree Trimmimng” app $2.99

Carry the peacock theme throughout the room with a centerpiece

Table centerpiece, wreath and mantel garland compliment the peacock inspired theme for Christmas

Holiday deer is dressed in his finest

Beauitiful wreath is hung on the mirror while the mantel is swagged in a garland to match, decorative stockings are hung with care.

Bursting with peacock feathers the coffee table centerpiece compliments the room

Beautiful rich colors and accents of Peacocks decorate the living room

Coordinating with the room decor we added a splash of glitz, a touch of animal print and the rich, vibrant colors of the peacock to decorate for the Christma season!

Happy Decorating yall,

Becky and Kathy


6 thoughts on “Show Me a Home dressed in Peacock!

  1. Island Girl says:

    Just gorgeous. I did peacock feathers with blue and rust for Christmas 2012. I absolutely loved it. Now I know I can also add animal prints.

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