Show Me Decorating is Thankful for Fall and Gorgeous Colors

It’s finally Fall and we are so Thankful for cooler weather, warmer colors, and the changes of the season.

At Show Me Decorating, we are thankful for our family, friends, members of our decorating teams, and you who allow us to share a little of what we love to do!

We have been busy decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and getting ready for Christmas. Changing out for each of the seasons could be overwhelming but, we’ve come up with an easy system and by using great product to stretch a few of our favorites for all three holidays.

Let me show you:

Transition from Halloween to Fall

We started with Eye See Halloween in turquoise, lime green, and purple on a prelit Artic garland, then for fall we took off the Halloween and added in a pumpkin garland and a crabapple berry garland(we’ll leave it for Christmas). We tied half bows, you can too with our new How to Tie a Bow app Three great ribbons and add in gold matte balls and glitter leaves.

 The look is completed with a turkey banner by one of our favorite artists

Now, we’re ready to welcome our guests for Thanksgiving!

Bountiful Fall

Decorating doesn’t have to stop there. We continued the look on the mantle and used the same ingredients. The garland was gorgeous with the pumpkin garland but we couldn’t stop there so we added in ribbon, balls, and glitter leaves. It really is easy when you follow the Show Me Decorating steps from our “Recipe for Holiday Decorating” app.

In San Antonio, we’re blessed that San Antonio Living WOAI allows us to decorate the set for Halloween, Fall, and Christmas. You can watch to see how we transform the set from Thanksgiving to Christmas on December 1 at

Happy Decorating,



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