Show Me Halloween Around the House

Show Me Halloween Around the House!

Being 36 weeks pregnant, I had to rely on my husband to climb in the attic this year to pull my 4 tubs of Halloween stuff down. Needless to say I had to time it just right between football games to get him on board. Halloween is my second favorite holiday to decorate for next to Christmas. Many times people think of all the dead, gross, “evil-looking” things for Halloween. But  in the last 10 years or so Halloween has become fun and glamorous.

I like to mix in Halloween with my everyday decorations. The main focal point for my Halloween decorating is my mantle and my door way.

The black glittered Halloween House silouette pops off  the light colored fireplace. Lit black garland with an orange glitter leaf garland twisted in, add a mixture of orange, lime green and purple balls then the final touch, a few accent pieces: witch arms, spiders and boo signs. The garland is secured to the wall by florist wire hooked to screws (I have had these screws put in permanently and painted to match) just on either side of the mantle.  This garland has been made for 3 years and I store it all complete. As you can see it’s has held up well.

Need to know how to tie a bow? Check out the Show Me Decorating app $2.99 for iPhone & iPad in the AppStore!

I have a very ordinary chandelier over my dining table and frequently I hang decorations for the holiday.

2 Bone/pumpkin garlands, 1 skeleton arm and a Beware sign

String the garland in and out of your chandelier.

After the garland is strung I secured the Beware sign to hang in the middle. Last, the skeleton arm is fastened at the top of the chandelier and the fingers are draped down.

Adding simple touches to a hutch.

I really like to change out my plates on the hutch frequently. I added a “Boo” plate and a “skeleton head” serving plate, a large spider and  a “spooky” sign up on top.

Last don’t forget about your door way! You only have one chance to make a good 1st impression.

My favorite witch welcomes trick or treaters and guest to my home! (I move my witch in and out depending on the weather) The Screening of painted pumpkins and cute doormat complete my entranceway! 

I showed you many options of simple ideas you can do around your house. Collect pieces you like and add a little each year and before you know it you will have a wide collection of fun and festive decorations.

Happy Halloween Y’all!



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