Show Me Decorating Does Tabletops

Doorways, Wreathes, Tabletops, Trees, Garlands-We’ve got you covered at Show Me Decorating…

Tabletops or centerpieces are a great way to catch someone’s attention, set the mood, and carry out your theme. We’ve got some great ideas to inspire you for your next party or event. If you like what you see, let us know by leaving a comment and sharing with your friends or better yet send us a picture of how you are decorating.

Here’s a sweet idea for the nearly newlyweds!

Candy Bar…

Ice Cream Bar

Different size jars set at different heights gives maximum WOW!


Remember, Becky’s post with the Candy Bar? Well, this is a twist from our friends. Way to go Tricia and Alta Lynn!

Spaghetti Lunch…

Now, how about something using free items. We all love a good bargain and especially when we’re helping to raise money for a good cause like sending kids to camp. This summer, our youth held a Spaghetti lunch to help fund their summer camp trip to Snowbird Adventure Camp in North Carolina. To make it more personal, I featured each of the youth at a table. The members loved it and it made them feel more connected.


Donated tomato can and dried pasta, herb, flower, and tissue paper

Finished Table

I contacted a local resturant and asked if I could have 15 large tomato cans, the potted herbs came from HEB our local grocery store at a discount with a coupon, and the gerber daisy is from Michaels. The dried pasta was a mis order to our church kitchen that our host donated and I was able to use red and white check clothes from our church as well. To decorate 20 tables, I spent about $45 dollars.

For a more girly look, I used my candle jars for ladies dinner.

Happy Decorating Y’all!



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