“Show Me” a May Day basket!

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers!Well not in West Texas this year. We are in a total drought, yet I am still longing for some spring flowers. As I begin planning a spring wreath for my front door, I first went in search of a premade wreath with the ivy and flowers already attached. What I found was not big enough!

Pre-made wreaths

So while shopping I recalled the idea of a “May Basket” and begin to search for a “basket” for my front door! I love to improvise or repurpose an item for a different use than originally intended.

Metal wire basket with lining

Here is what I found on my shopping trip. This wire wall basket is used for brick walls or fences with growing plants, ivies or flowers. It was the perfect size to fit my door.
Hint ( know what size your door is before you go shopping)
Next because of our drought situation and not wanting to water plants on my front door I opted for the next best thing, permanent greens. As you can see there were lots to choose from! So how do you decide you may ask? I wanted ivy and trailing greens as realistic as possible and I also wanted two different plants to incorporate. The small needlepoint ivy and a trailing begonia ivy fit my look. Many of the greens were too shiny and plastic while these were very realistic!

Checking out the ivy and greenery

Next I wanted some spring color and decided on Pink Gerber daisies, orange marigolds, dogwood branches and a small yellow filler flower.
(Hint, I will repeat these colors in my closest flower beds and it will fool the passerby into thinking it is all real!)

Spring flowers add a pop of color

Now its time to assemble. I start by layering green styrofoam, gluing with hot glue the first piece to the bottom lining. I then cut and layered two more pieces glueing in between with hot glue. This will secure the arrangement with the door opening and closing and our crazy West Texas wind!

Wire wall basket filled with styrofoam

Now for the greenery, I cut the main stem and insert into the styrofoam, placing one on the left and one to the right. I did add hot glue before pressing into the styrofoam.

Greenery in wire basket

I spread out the ivy stems and shaped as needed.
(Hint: The great thing about wired product you can shape it and it stays in place!)
This is even pretty with just the greenery, but it’s spring and I want to add my flowers. I purchased them in groups of three and cut the stems as needed and added a touch of hot glue before pressing into the styrofoam.

Spring flowers in all my favorite colors.

The great thing about this arrangement is it is free-flowing and natural looking! Easy to do. I did group the Gerber daisies because they grow that way. The dogwood was very long so I was able to cut it in half and use in more places. The pop of white will show from the street.

Cute wooden welcome sign

This cute birdie will welcome all the guest who come to the door! I decided to take the ‘Welcome’ off and use the bird tied to the lower half of the basket and then wired the welcome sign at the top! Don’t be afraid to remake something to fit your design!

Welcome to my home!

So while West Texas prays for May showersI will welcome all who come to visit with my “May Basket.” Show us your Spring wreath or May Basket!

Becky McCraney


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